Backdoor Friends Cat Care

Professional Home Care for your cat.

Cat Care Service Options:


We specialize in cats!  Backdoor Friends Cat Care will bring an experienced

cat caretaker into your home to lovingly look after your pet.  Food bowls washed and refilled each visit according to your directions.  Litter boxes scooped and refreshed (dirty litter removed from your home).  Play time with our top wand toys or batting toys.  

      1 or 2 cats - $23.00 per visit*

                                                  3 or 4 cats - $27.00 per visit*

                                                  5 to 8 cats - $30.00 per visit*

                                                  9 and up   - $34.00 per visit*


We want you to enjoy your time away from home and not worry about your cats or daily chores.  We will be glad to bring in your mail, water your plants or flowers, or take your trash can to the curb.  Just let us know how we can help.  Employees are insured and bonded through Business Insurers of the Carolinas.  


Pre-visit home consultation - $20.00 (COMPLIMENTARY to first time customers)

HOLIDAY PREMIUM - There is an additional $20.00 charge for visits on major holidays


Our experienced staff have clipped hundreds of kitty toenails.  We use two sizes of clippers to accommodate your kitties claw size.   Most cats tolerate this service well but we have found a small percentage of clients are not interested in this special treatment.  This service is available as an optional service to a scheduled home care visit OR as a one time cat care visit.


                                                                 Front & Back Nails:   $20.00

                                                                 Back Only:               $15.00

                                                                 Full Body Comb-Out $25.00

Do you dread the task of monthly clipping of your cats toenails?  Let Backdoor Friends professionals do the clipping in the comfort of your home.

                                               SCHEDULED HOME CARE VISIT:

                                                              One Cat :                 $20.00

                                                             Additional Cats:        $15.00 each

We will notify you each month to schedule a visit for keeping your cats toenails nice and trim!           




The caretakers at Backdoor Friends are dedicated to the well being of your cat and extremely knowledgeable in administering medications and supportive health care.  All doses of oral medications are included in the home care price.  Additional charges apply to specialized supportive care services itemized below.

   *  Subcutaneous Fluid Therapy          - $10.00

                                            *  Insulin injection                             - $ 5.00

                                            *  Emergency Veterinarian Transport - $35.00

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