Backdoor Friends Cat Care

Professional Home Care for your cat.

We Specialize in CATS!

Backdoor Friends Cat Care will bring an experienced cat caretaker into your home to lovingly look after your pet.

Our dedicated staff is very knowledgeable

in cat routines and behavior.  You can rely on our watchful eyes to identify any cat related issues while you are away.

Service Rate Includes:

*  Personalized food preparation

*  Complete washing of all food & water bowls

*  Litter box maintenance including removal 

     of litter waste       

*  Daily tracking of food in-take and 

     litter content

*  Playtime with our 'top 10' feline wand toys

*  Oral medications

*  Thorough written evaluation

Specialty Care

Specialized medication procedures like subcutaneous fluids

Subcutaneous fluid therapy

Our staff is experienced in supportive medical services

Insulin Injections

Grooming Needs

In-home toenail clipping

Toenail Clipping

Proud member of Pet Sitters International

since 2004.  Providers of Liability and 

Crime Plus through Business Insurers

of the Carolinas.